Connecting Shippers to Hard
Working, Dedicated Carriers

Transportation consultants with a focus on our customers

Connecting Shippers to Hard
Working, Dedicated Carriers

Transportation consultants with a focus on our customers

Third Party Logistics

In many businesses, supply chain management is constantly being put to the test. Consistently providing timely and organized shipments, flexible and dependable warehouse organization, trustworthy and professional carriers can be a daunting task. All of that is accompanied by cost effective solutions and innovation in every aspect of local and global logistics. In the constantly changing “playing field” of transportation and freight management, it is important to choose a reliable, trustworthy logistics company that understands local and global trends and will help you grow.

Why Border Freight?

We at Border Freight Transportation devote our time, effort and pay close attention to our customers’ needs and wishes. We provide them with cutting edge solutions in freight management. We can guarantee added value by taking supply chain worries away from you and providing you with our highly regarded customer service, strong analytical system and relentlessly motivated and experienced staff in both operational and strategic operations. By letting us take care of your supply chain, your company will be able to focus on growing its core business and expanding interests.

Our approach

To us, it is important that our customers grow and expand which, in return, benefits the community and world around them. With logistics becoming an inevitable factor in the every day life of a company, we take responsibility in making our customers decisions on freight seamless and help them achieve everything they desire. To be at your full service, our company offers:

  • Current and future market analysis
    • Influence of fuel prices, weather, legislation on moving your product
  • Product management
  • Supply chain consulting
    • In communication with the customer, choosing the best solution to handle product
  • Warehousing
    • Standard
    • Temperature regulated
    • Technologically updated inventory control, ready to take on any product and maximize space and time
  • Local and global distribution
    • LTL, TL, Dry Van/Refrigerated/Flatbed, Intermodal, Container, Overseas
  • Customer service
  • Product development
    • Following the latest trends, simplifying transportation and warehousing
  • Cost efficient solutions
    • By combining all of our factors, we are able to offer cost efficient logistics solutions, focused purely on your needs and wishes


We understand that all companies strive for greatness and perfection. We are here to help you turn every logistics issue into advantage, while further developing fair and honest relationships with all parties involved. In an ever-changing supply world, we don’t see innovation and change as something necessarily bad, but rather as an opportunity to adapt, advance and excel.

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