We are looking for experienced brokerage agents to join our network. If you are a freight broker with a minimum of $1,000,000 in yearly revenue and looking to expand, sign with us and we will help you grow. Border Freight Transportation can put you ahead of the competition by offering our wide variety of freight shipping services and fulfilling all your customer’s requirements. There are no fees for administration, start-up or payment processing. We pay a consistent and competitive percentage of the gross profit on each load each week. Our operational staff supports our agents with urgency and thoroughness. You are treated as one of our own because you will be one of our own. We want to help you succeed and watch your operation grow. Our accounting staff will work with your customers and carriers in a professional manner to ensure that the AP / AR process is seamless. Your customers will be treated with top notch service and your carriers will be paid in a timely manner.

As we treat our employees, customers and carriers with professionalism and respect, so will we treat our broker agents. The days of high-pressure jobs with managers standing over your back critiquing your numbers and watching the clock to make sure you’re not taking an extra 5 minutes on your lunch break are on the decline. Folks in the workforce are finally realizing that life is too short to be slaving at a desk for someone else and then going home too stressed out to enjoy life. The atmosphere at Border Freight will put you at ease. Our employees know the importance of life-balance and serving a purpose. We value strong work-ethic and a team building atmosphere. We are all here for each other. You will not be reprimanded for “only putting in a 10-hour day”. You will not be forced to miss your children’s school or sporting events. We at Border Freight work together and we serve. We serve each other. We serve our carriers. We serve our customers. Join our team and let’s grow together.

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Phone: 888-773-4437

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